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Welcome  to our website - ANTICOUNTERFEITING DESIGN

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COMPODYNAMIC Your partner in  Design Low Cost  Anticounterfeiting Systems.




Brand Protection Strategy


develop and Implement a cost-effective Brand Protection Strategy

As new products are developed, you must immediately begin 
thinking about anti-counterfeiting exposure and strategies. 

You must identify and understand past and current examples of 
where bad guys actually launched their products in the market  
before the innovator.   

The advent of new products and technologies created counterfeiting opportunities  . 

Pre-launch surveillance program

Compodynamic  will identify strategies best suited to offset the possibilities of unauthorized counterfeits  before the innovative products launch.

•  Have you created a comprehensive and holistic training and
awareness program for customs officials and law enforcement authorities throughout the world prior to launch ?

• Do you know and understand the direction counterfeiters
are trending?

• Do you have a robust and proactive pre-launch surveillance

• Do you have a sophisticated online monitoring program that
accomplishes your goals and objectives?

• Have you identified and included innovative anticounterfeiting
packaging solutions?

• Have you benchmarked with industry colleagues vs. solution


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